Written by Paula B Stanic
Directed by Rachel Bagshaw
Co-created with Laura Martin-Simpson
Produced by No Ordinary Experience  (link to http://noordinaryexperience.com/)
“This is our story.
It’s not about them.
It’s not about then.
It’s about what we do now.”
The world has changed. The future is uncertain and nothing has been learned from the past. Grown out of the chaos is a tribe led by four warrior sisters. Displaced through war, the tribe settle where they can – until outsiders interfere. How will they carve out their own stories before they are twisted by the words of others? How does the tribe survive when each of the sisters meets her greatest challenge yet?
A bold modern re-telling of the Amazon warrior myths, ICONS pieces these fractured stories together to re-build an extraordinary timeless world
Dates: come and join us for a work in progress performance as part of Heads Ups & Women of the World Festival 11th March 2017, Hull Cit if Culture 2017.
For more information about future tour dates please [email protected]
ICONS is supported by Arts Council England. The script was developed with support from the Peggy Ramsay Foundation, Open University APGRD & our Kickstarter supporters  – link to separate page title ‘Icons Supporters’